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9789386615336Advances in Rice Cultivation: A Complete Guide on RiceEBC Karthikeyan, KA PoRs 8345.002018
9789351243335Biotechnology: An OverviewHBGupta, Rajan KumarRs 2595.002015
9789351307655Broad Leaved WeedsEBPradhan, AdhikantRs 8010.002016
9789386615565Catalogue of Indian Insects in 5 VolumeEBThomas Bainbrigge FlRs 47710.002018
9789351247227Catalogue of Indian Insects in 5 VolumeHBFletcher, Thomas BaiRs 9995.002016
9789351240402Diseases of Field and Horticultural CropsEBP ChowdappaRs 15510.002017
9789351249474Forage Resource: Development and UtilizationHBSingh, Kumar AmrendrRs 3495.002018
9789388027168Forage Resource: Development and UtilizationEBSingh, Kumar AmrendrRs 3495.002018
9789383048090Forages and Fodder: Indian PerspectiveEBKrishan Murari SinghRs 13720.002013
9788170352518Guidelines for Quality Management in Soils and Plant LaboratoriesHBReeuwijk, L P & V K Rs 995.002016
9789351247913Key Notes on Plant Biotechnology (PB)PBReddy, Venkata R. PrRs 395.002018
9789351300434Mushrooms : Edible and Medicinal Cultivation Conservation Strain Improvement With their MarketingEBBN Verma, KK Sahu, PRs 12350.002013
9788170355168Mycorrhizae: Diversity Ecology and ApplicationsHBTiwari, M & S C SatiRs 1900.002008
9789351248415Mycorrhizal FungiHBAggarwal, Ashok & KuRs 2495.002017
9788170358060Padap Sukshm ParvardhanHBSood, Anil & PramveeRs 495.002012