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ISBNBook Name AuthorPriceYear
9788170350859Fisheries ScienceHBSanthanam, RRs 995.002016
9788170356981Agronomy: Facts and Approaches (PB)PBDas, P & Ashis KumarRs 495.002016
9788170357018Beej Prodhoyogiki (Seed Technology)HBVerma, O PRs 995.002018
9788170357407Animal Feeding and Production in IndiaHBSingh, Vir, Ashoka KRs 995.002016
9788170358046Insects in VegetablesHBButani, Dhamo K & M Rs 1795.002017
9788170358527Disaster Risk and Impact Management: Some Ecohydrological and Strategic IssuesHBGupta, Anil KRs 2395.002018
9788170358602Bio-hydrogen Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentHBVyas, Deepak & RajanRs 1795.002016
9788170358824Question Bank on Food Science and Technology (PB)PBChavan, U DRs 450.002016
9788170358954Practical Problem with Solution in Waste Water Engineering 6 Vols.HBSaini, D R et alRs 14995.002016
9789351242987Objective Agricultural Entomology (PB)PBBagde, A S, H H PowaRs 195.002016
9789351243007Introductory Food ToxicologyHBMishra, Lokesh KumarRs 1895.002016
9789351243052Experimental and Analytical Bakery (PB)PBSharma, DipitiRs 195.002016
9789351243175Waste Treatment Processes in Environmental Engineering in 4 Vols.HBRai, B N, D R Saini,Rs 7500.002016
9789351246244Textbook of Plant PhysiologyHBPandey, Narendra ShaRs 1495.002016
9789351246459Basic Experiments in Biotechnology (PB)PBRathoure, Ashok KumaRs 345.002016