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Broad Leaved Weeds by Pradhan, Adhikant

ISBN: 9789351307655
Binding: E-Book
Biblio: xxi+265p.,figs. tabls., 25cm
Weight: 554 gms
Pages: 286
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2021
Price : Rs 9995.00
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About the Book
This book contains the feature and description relevant to identification has been incorporated in this manuscript for students and researchers working the weed science. Initially some important details about the basic identification indicates the beginning process of understanding for plant to be identified and generated the key even some minute level of distinguishing characters has been also given in family wise identification. The families contain itself diverse range of plant species therefore, limit the contains with major species otherwise our aim of identification of weeds in agriculture is somewhat difficult real sense; line diagrams are clearly show the basic features of weed as plant, flower and seed shape. The features are not scaled due to identification difficult if drawn plant and seed simultaneously on same canvas it can be identified by scale but not seed appearance led me to give the bigger size of seed feature; bear with this conjunction.