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Bio-hydrogen Energy and Sustainable Development by Vyas, Deepak & Rajan Kumar Gupta

ISBN: 9788170358602
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: xii+292p., figs., tabls., ind., 25cm
Weight: 620 gms
Pages: 304
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2016
Price : Rs 1795.00
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About the Book
The present global environmental condition is critical. Paris Summit 2015 on climate change is a burning example how much politicians are concerned about the deteriorating conditions of the world. It is well advertised and propagated information that fossil fuels are not everlasting. Therefore, there is need to search renewable sources of energy. Plants and microbes are wonderful gift of nature for humankind. They have great potential to solve our any problems. They are also great scavengers who can clean the environment but greedy humans have victimized them and brutally remove them for uneven development of the world. An attempt has been made through this book, how tiny organisms like bacteria, cyanobacteria and microalgae could be used to generate hydrogen from them, what are the methods and techniques, how we can increase the H2 production, what are the mechanisms of storage of H2 and all such information is given in this book. Besides this how we can achieve sustainable development through biologically produced H2 is also mentioned. Overall, it is a good collection of information for those who are working on hydrogen energy and sustainable development programmes.