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9788170354772Agricultural AcarologyHBChhillar, B S, RachnRs 1895.002017
9788170353539Basic Entomology: A Practical ManualHBSathe, T VRs 695.002016
9789351243229Biological Pest Control through IchneumonidsHBSathe, T VRs 695.002015
9789386615565Catalogue of Indian Insects in 5 VolumeEBThomas Bainbrigge FlRs 47710.002018
9789351247227Catalogue of Indian Insects in 5 VolumeHBFletcher, Thomas BaiRs 9995.002016
9788170352747Current Trends in OdonatologyHBKumar, ArvindRs 1295.002002
9788170354208Fundamentals of BeekeepingHBSathe, T VRs 595.002018
9788170358428Grasshopper Diversity and ControlHBSathe, T V & AppasaRs 1495.002014
9788170355441Indian Pest AphidsHBJadhav, B V & T V SaRs 1395.002018
9788170352952Indian Pest ParasitoidsHBSathe, T V, S A InamRs 795.002003
9789386615978Indian Tachinid Flies: Bioconrol AgentsEBT V SatheRs 4705.002018
9789351247906Indian Tachinid Flies: Bioconrol AgentsHBSathe, T VRs 995.002017
9788170356400Insect Pest Management: Ecological ConceptsHBSathe, T V & Jyoti MRs 1195.002010
9788170352358Insect Pest PredatorsHBBhosale, Y A & T V SRs 1195.002018
9788170353195Insect Predators and Pest ManagementHBPatil, Vaishali J & Rs 895.002019