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9789351303343Bio-energy from WastewatersEBDR Saini, S N Kaul, Rs 18170.002014
9788170358541Bio-energy from WastewatersHBKaul, S N, et alRs 3295.002014
9788170358602Bio-hydrogen Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentHBVyas, Deepak & RajanRs 1795.002016
9789351240044Bio-hydrogen Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentEBDeepak Vyas, Rajan KRs 8510.002017
9789351248316Biocatalysts in Biomass to BioproductsHBRamasamy, K, S KarthRs 1995.002017
9788170356608Co2 Sequestration Technologies for Clean Energy: Awareness and Capacity BuildingHBGoel, Malti & S Z QaRs 1395.002018
9788170351061Demand for Energy in Indian Industries: A Quantitative ApproachHBRoy, JoyashreeRs 1295.002018
9789351249498Development of Solar Power Generation and Energy HarvestingHBNam & Center, MuhammRs 1795.002019
9789388027038Development of Solar Power Generation and Energy HarvestingEBNam & CenterRs 7250.002018
9788170358053Energy Audit for Professionals/NAM S&T CentreHBDhungel, Suresh KumaRs 895.002013
9788170353577Energy Encyclopaedia of the World in 4 VolsHBSingh, M PRs 9995.002016
9789383129652International Encyclopaedia of Energy Resources in 4 VolsEBM P SinghRs 42420.002013
9789351301790Lightning Phenomenon: Need for Awareness Detection and Protection from Damage Caused by LightningEBChandima Gomes, RaviRs 5265.002013
9788170355793Lightning Phenomenon: Need for Awareness Detection and Protection from Damage Caused by Lightning/NAM S&T CentreHBArora, Ravindra & ChRs 800.002009
9789351301479Micro-enterprises in AgricultureEBM S VirdiRs 7085.002014