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9788170355960Business Process Outsourcing: Its Prospects and ChallengesHBBarua, Nayan, MonaliRs 2495.002009
9788170350774Capacity Utilization in Indian industryHBChandrasekhar, SRs 995.002018
9788170351061Demand for Energy in Indian Industries: A Quantitative ApproachHBRoy, JoyashreeRs 1295.002018
9788170359104Development of Rural Women EntrepreneurshipHBGyanmudraRs 695.002013
9789351302063Development of Rural Women EntrepreneurshipEBDr (Mrs) GyanmudraRs 3975.002013
9788170358053Energy Audit for Professionals/NAM S&T CentreHBDhungel, Suresh KumaRs 895.002013
9789351243045Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Agri-Business Management and PlanningHBAdhikary, Manas MohaRs 2995.002014
9789351303848Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Agri-Business Management and PlanningEBManas Mohan AdhikaryRs 17304.002014
9789383048991Heavy Metal Pollution Research: Recent AdvancesEBArvind KumarRs 9240.002013
9789351249511HRM in Agri-BusinessHBThumar, V MRs 1395.002018
9789388027328HRM in Agri-BusinessEBThumar, V MRs 5880.002018
9789388027335Human Resource Development in Urban Co-operative BanksEBKamble, H Y & M S PaRs 7110.002018
9789387057906Human Resource Development in Urban Co-operative BanksHBKamble, H Y & M S PaRs 1695.002018
9789351243090Industrial Biotechnology in Non Aligned and Other Developing Countries Current Status and Future ProspectsHBNAM S & T CentreRs 1195.002014
9788170353751Industrial Pollution: Problems and SolutionsHBKumar, ArvindRs 1995.002006