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9789351243120Advances in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Vol 2HBChakraborty, ChiranjRs 1495.002014
9789351303091Advances in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Vol. 2EBChiranjib ChakrabortRs 8130.002014
9789351246749Bioactive Phytochemicals: Perspectives for Modern Medicine Vol. 3HBGupta, V KRs 3495.002015
9789351249382Biochemical Techniques and Instrumentation (PB)PBParthiban, F, & S FeRs 175.002018
9789351247869Biological Radiation Protection: A Protocol ManualHBKumar, RajRs 1595.002017
9789386615497Biological Radiation Protection: A Protocol ManualEBRaj KumarRs 8200.002018
9789389605945Biological Radiation Protection: A Protocol ManualEBKumar, RajRs 7975.002020
9789351301295BiostatisticsEBT Pullaiah, B RavindRs 7300.002013
9789351301387Fats and Oils in Health and NutritionEBVipul Khetarpaul, NeRs 17070.002014
9789351242406Fats and Oils in Health and NutritionHBKhetarpaul, Neelam, Rs 2495.002014
9789351304067Functional Foods and NutritionEBG Subbulakshmi, MandRs 12880.002014
9789351242758Functional Foods and NutritionHBSubbulakshmi, G & MaRs 2395.002014
9789351243250Handbook of SorghumHBPatil, J VRs 1595.002014
9789388982054Illustrated Flora: Part of Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR IndiaHBTripathi, Amit K, JyRs 8995.002019
9789351243007Introductory Food ToxicologyHBMishra, Lokesh KumarRs 1895.002016