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9789351246718Advances in Aquatic Ecology Vol. 9HBVasanthkumar, B & V Rs 1995.002015
9789351243366Advances in Environmental Sciences and EngineeringHBDas, Aditya Kishore Rs 3495.002015
9788170355281Laboratory Manual of Water and Wastewater AnalysisHBKhanna, D R & R BhutRs 995.002008
9788170358954Practical Problem with Solution in Waste Water Engineering 6 Vols.HBSaini, D R et alRs 14995.002016
9789386949257Practical Problem with Solution in Waste Water Engineering 6 Vols. (Set)EBSaini, DR et alRs 68880.002018
9789351243175Waste Treatment Processes in Environmental Engineering in 4 Vols.HBRai, B N, D R Saini,Rs 7500.002016
9788170353423Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Environment in 2 VolsHBKaul, S N, Lidia SzpRs 3995.002004
9788170352327Water and Wastewater AnalysisHBKaul, S N & AshutoshRs 1995.002016
9788170357483Water and Wastewater Management in 2 VolsHBKhanna, D R et alRs 3000.002011