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9788170357452Essentials of Veterinary Practice (PB)PBJana, Debasis & NiloRs 695.002011
9789388027229General Veterinary Microbiology - An IntroductionEBDiwakar, R K & R P DRs 6020.002018
9789351248743General Veterinary Microbiology - An IntroductionHBDiwakar, R K & R P DRs 1495.002018
9789351246121Genetics of Livestock PopulationHBTomar, Arun Kumar & Rs 3295.002015
9789351243106Handbook on Field Veterinary SurgeryHBPawde, A M, H P AithRs 995.002015
9789351242932Practical Manual for Commercial Poultry Production and Hatchery Management (PB)PBJadhav, N VRs 145.002014
9789351247272Veterinary Surgery: A Practical GuideHBPatel, A M & P B PatRs 1395.002016
9789386949615Yarn Manufacture: Laboratory Manual Cum Application Handbook in 2 Vols.EBJC Sakthivel, T KartRs 8568.002018