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9788170356370Aadhunik Pashupalan (PB)PBPatel, Manjunath, ReRs 225.002018
9789351303138Agricultural Marketing in 2 VolsEBK N Ravi KumarRs 35180.002014
9789351242390Agricultural Marketing in 2 VolsHBKumar, K Nirmal RaviRs 5995.002014
9789351307525Agricultural Production Economics in 2 Vols.EBK Nirmal Ravi KumarRs 26220.002016
9789351243380Agricultural Production Economics in 2 Vols.HBKumar, K Nirmal RaviRs 4495.002016
9789383129539Agronomy: Facts and ApproachesEBP Das, Ashis Kumar GRs 13860.002013
9788170356981Agronomy: Facts and Approaches (PB)PBDas, P & Ashis KumarRs 495.002019
9789351307587Animal Genetics and BreedingEBArun Tomar et alRs 14760.002016
9789351247777Animal Genetics and Breeding (PB)PBTomar, Arun Kumar, SRs 495.002020
9789351246466Applied and Economic ZoologyHBRathoure, Ashok KumaRs 1695.002015
9789351249283Aquaculture in Reservoirs (PB)PBMenaga, M, Felix SRs 245.002018
9789351249290Aquatic Food Safety and Quality Management (PB)PBParthiban, S et alRs 295.002018
9788170357636Bakery Science and Cereal Technology (PB)PBKhetarpaul, Neelam eRs 395.002018
9789351248712Basic and Molecular GeneticsHBTomar, Arun Kumar, ARs 3695.002018
9789387057937Basic and Molecular GeneticsEBTomar, Arun Kumar, ARs 19030.002018