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9788170356370Aadhunik Pashupalan (PB)PBManjunath Patel, RekRs 225.002018
9789351242390Agricultural Marketing in 2 VolsHBKumar, K. Nirmal RavRs 5995.002014
9789351303138Agricultural Marketing in 2 VolsEBK. N. Ravi KumarRs 31975.002014
9789351307525Agricultural Production Economics in 2 Vols.EBK. Nirmal Ravi KumarRs 23830.002016
9789351243380Agricultural Production Economics in 2 Vols.HBKumar, K. Nirmal RavRs 4495.002016
9789351243069Agriculture at a Glance (Hindi) PBPBR. K. Sharma, B B SiRs 400.002017
9789351246206Agriculture At A Glance Revised Edition (An Enhanced Competition Explorer) PBPBSharma, R KRs 450.002018
9788170357643Agriculture at a Glance: An Enhanced Competition Explorer(PB)PBSharma, R. K. & BhoiRs 395.002011
9789383129539Agronomy: Facts and ApproachesEBP. Das, Ashis Kumar Rs 12600.002013
9788170356981Agronomy: Facts and Approaches (PB)PBP. Das, Ashis Kumar Rs 495.002016
9789351307587Animal Genetics and BreedingEBArun Tomar et. al.Rs 13410.002016
9789351243144Animal Genetics and BreedingHBTomar, Arun Kumar & Rs 2595.002015
9789351247777Animal Genetics and Breeding (PB)PBTomar, Arun Kumar & Rs 495.002016
9789351248712Basic and Molecular GeneticsHBArun Kumar Tomar, ArRs 3695.002018
9789351305514Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory ManualEBB K KhuntiaRs 8960.002014