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9789386615510Biotechnological Tools for Genetic ResourcesEBPradip Chandra DekaRs 11930.002018
9789351247746Biotechnological Tools for Genetic ResourcesHBDeka, Pradip ChandraRs 2495.002016
9789383129591Crickets and Household PestsEBManisha R Awate, T VRs 5010.002013
9788170356103Crickets and Household PestsHBSathe, T V & ManishRs 895.002009
9789351242598Current Researches in Environmental SciencesHBSharma, Dushyant KumRs 1200.002014
9789383129867Dragonflies and Pest ManagementEBK P Shinde, T V SathRs 5210.002013
9788170358343Dragonflies Production TechnologyHBSathe, T VRs 695.002013
9789351301349Dragonflies Production TechnologyEBT V SatheRs 3110.002013
9788170352853Mosquitoes and DiseasesHBGirhe, B E & T V SatRs 995.002018
9789351300205Mosquitoes and DiseasesEBB E Girhe, T V SatheRs 2885.002013
9789351304760Recent Trends in Biological Pest ControlEBT V SatheRs 5965.002014