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9788170357520Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 1HBGupta, V K et alRs 2200.002011
9789351246169Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 5HBGupta, V K et alRs 2495.002015
9788170355960Business Process Outsourcing: Its Prospects and ChallengesHBBarua, Nayan, MonaliRs 2495.002009
9788170353102Conservation of Biodiversity and Natural ResourcesHBSingh, M P, Soma DeyRs 1895.002013
9789351303688Contemporary Management Strategies in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) Relevent to Nam and Other Developing CountriesEBNAM SRs 10850.002014
9789351243083Contemporary Management Strategies in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) Relevent to NAM and Other Developing CountriesHBNAM S & T CentreRs 1795.002014
9788170353188Developing Human Resource Information SystemHBGupta, Ashok KumarRs 995.002018
9788170355762Ethnobiology: Therapeutics and Natural ResourcesHBGhosh, Ashis KumarRs 995.002009
9788170353393Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of IndiaHBDholakia, A DRs 1995.002016
9788170352617Forest Resources of North Bengal: A Profile of Non-Timber Forest Resources and People's NeedHBSantra, S C & MoumitRs 695.002002
9789388027335Human Resource Development in Urban Co-operative BanksEBKamble, H Y & M S PaRs 7830.002018
9789351302278Humanizing Work and Work Environment Ergo: Safety for AllHBVinay, DeepaRs 3995.002014
9789351307976Key Notes on Agricultural Economics, Business Management and StatisticsEBJ V Patil, U D ChavaRs 8170.002016
9789351249054Life Style and Productivity Optimization for Paramedical Hospital EmployeesHBSingh, Divya, HarshiRs 995.002018
9789386949097Natural Products : Research Reviews Vol. 3EBV K GuptaRs 18850.002018