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9788170357520Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 1HBGupta, V K et alRs 2200.002011
9789351246169Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 5HBGupta, V K et alRs 2495.002015
9788170355960Business Process Outsourcing: Its Prospects and ChallengesHBBarua, Nayan, MonaliRs 2495.002009
9788170353102Conservation of Biodiversity and Natural ResourcesHBSingh, M P, Soma DeyRs 1895.002013
9789351243083Contemporary Management Strategies in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) Relevent to NAM and Other Developing CountriesHBNAM S & T CentreRs 1795.002014
9789351303688Contemporary Management Strategies in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) Relevent to Nam and Other Developing CountriesEBNAM SRs 9855.002014
9788170353188Developing Human Resource Information SystemHBGupta, Ashok KumarRs 995.002018
9788170355762Ethnobiology: Therapeutics and Natural ResourcesHBGhosh, Ashis KumarRs 995.002009
9788170353393Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of IndiaHBDholakia, A DRs 1995.002016
9788170352617Forest Resources of North Bengal: A Profile of Non-Timber Forest Resources and People's NeedHBSantra, S C & MoumitRs 695.002002
9789388027335Human Resource Development in Urban Co-operative BanksEBKamble, H Y & M S PaRs 7110.002018
9789351302278Humanizing Work and Work Environment Ergo: Safety for AllHBVinay, DeepaRs 3995.002014
9789351307976Key Notes on Agricultural Economics, Business Management and StatisticsEBJ V Patil, U D ChavaRs 7420.002016
9789351249054Life Style and Productivity Optimization for Paramedical Hospital EmployeesHBSingh, Divya, HarshiRs 995.002018
9789386949097Natural Products : Research Reviews Vol. 3EBV K GuptaRs 17136.002018