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9789351247333Digital Library Development and ServicesHBFrancis, A T & K SusRs 1095.002016
9789351248781Dynamics of Agricultural Information ManagementHBRathinasabapathy, G,Rs 1595.002018
9789388027069Dynamics of Agricultural Informtion ManagementEBRathinasabapathy, G,Rs 7140.002018
9789351248989E-Resource Management System for LibrariesHBTandel, Kailash DRs 995.002018
9789388027113E-Resource Management System for LibrariesEBTandel, Kailash DRs 4480.002018
9789351246107Emerging Technologies and Future of Libraries Issues and ChallengesHBShinde, Ganpati ZRs 1995.002015
9788170359227Handbook of Library and Information Services (For Agriculture Science Students)HBSingh, RajkumarRs 1495.002014
9789386615756In-Service Training and Development of Technical LibrariesEBRajendra G KokateRs 8485.002018
9789351242536Redefining Libraries in Digital EraHBSharma, Superna et aRs 1495.002014
9788170351948Scientific Management of Forest LibrariesHBKumar, VinodRs 995.002018
9789388027540Teaching Role of LibrariansEBFrancis, A T, K P SaRs 3360.002018
9789351249009Teaching Role of LibrariansHBFrancis, A T, K P SaRs 895.002018