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9788170354413Endangered Medicinal PlantsHBChaudhuri, A BRs 1595.002014
9789351243304Microbial Biodiversity in Sustainable AgricultureHBChandra, RamRs 2500.002015
9788170353478Orchard Irrigation and Soil Management PracticesHBMazumdar, Bibhas ChaRs 995.002018
9788170355755Orchid Fern Evam Vaanaspatik ParyatanHBRawat, TajRs 1295.002009
9788170358268Perspectives in Plant BiodiversityHBMuthuchelian, KRs 1500.002013
9788170353348Principles and Methods of Orchard EstablishmentHBMazumdar, Bibhas ChaRs 1495.002018
9788170356844Soil and Orchard ManagementHBSharma, K K & Nav PrRs 1895.002014
9788170357056Wild Medicinal PlantsHBSingh, M PRs 2495.002018