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9788170353461Agro Techniques of Medicinal PlantsHBSharma, RavindraRs 1995.002018
9789351249214Apple: Production and Value Chain AnalysisHBNazeer, Ahmed, ShabiRs 3995.002018
9789387057920Apple: Production and Value Chain AnalysisEBNazeer, Ahmed, ShabiRs 13610.002018
9789351246909Applied Production Technology of VegetablesHBSingh, Pradeep KumarRs 1395.002016
9788170359401Applied Production Technology of VegetablesEBPradeep Kumar SinghRs 6355.002017
9788170355625Biodiversity in Horticultural Crops Vol. 2HBPeter, K VRs 1500.002008
9788170358145Biodiversity in Horticultural Crops Vol. 4HBPeter, K VRs 2300.002013
9789351307662Cape gooseberryEBDesh Beer Singh, NazRs 2830.002016
9789351246596Cape GooseberryHBSingh, Desh Beer & NRs 595.002015
9788170352570Coconut and Oilpalm: Genetic Upgradation and ProtectionHBRamanathan, TRs 995.002018
9788170353720Crop Protection: Management StrategiesHBPrasad, DRs 3995.002014
9789351240402Diseases of Field and Horticultural CropsEBP ChowdappaRs 15510.002017
9788170352648Diseases of Major Medicinal PlantsHBJanardhanan, K KRs 1295.002018
9789351249870Diseases of Oilseed Crops and their ManagementHBSingh, H K & R B SinRs 2495.002019
9789351248293Distant Hybridization in Horticultural CropsHBSankaran, M & M R DiRs 1995.002017