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9788170356479Algal BiotechnologyHBDas, Mihir KumarRs 1200.002010
9788170358480Algal BiotechnologyEBDas, Mihir KumarRs 6300.002013
9788170355076Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and QualityHBH. H. HussRs 1695.002016
9789351248392Aushdhiye Guno Se Bharpoor Bhavi SabjiyanHBBijendra Singh, SuryRs 2995.002017
9788170358473Bakery Science and Cereal TechnologyEBKhetarpaul, Neelam &Rs 6400.002013
9788170353508Bakery Science and Cereal TechnologyHBKhetarpaul, Neelam &Rs 1595.002016
9788170357636Bakery Science and Cereal Technology (PB)PBKhetarpaul, Neelam &Rs 295.002012
9789351243687Dairy Product Technology: Recent AdvancesHBHati, Subrota & MandRs 2295.002015
9789351307716Dairy Product Technology: Recent AdvancesEBHati, Subrota & MandRs 8200.002016
9789383129362Delicious Seafood RecipesEBDholakia, Dr. AnshumRs 4100.002013
9788170356738Delicious Seafood RecipesHBDholakia, Anshuman DRs 395.002010
9789351307747Developments in Medicinal Mushroom Biology and Theraeutic PropertiesEBK.K. Janardhanan,T.ARs 4500.002016
9789351246190Developments in Medicinal Mushroom Biology and Therapeutic PropertiesHBJanardhanan, K.K. & Rs 995.002015
9788170356776Edible Wild Plants of the HimalayasHBBadhwar, Rattan LallRs 2500.002011
9789383129898Edible Wild Plants of the HimalayasEBBadhwar, Rattan LallRs 12100.002013