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9788170358190Agricultural Knowledge at a Glance (PB)PBChavan, U D et alRs 400.002013
9788170356479Algal BiotechnologyHBDas, Mihir KumarRs 1200.002010
9788170359432Algal BiotechnologyHBDas, Mihir KumarRs 0.002010
9788170358480Algal BiotechnologyEBMihir Kumar DasRs 10995.002021
9789388173193Aquatic Food Safety and Quality ManagementHBParthiban, S et alRs 0.002018
9789351249290Aquatic Food Safety and Quality Management (PB)PBParthiban, S et alRs 295.002018
9788170355076Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and QualityHBHuss, H HRs 1695.002016
9788170358473Bakery Science and Cereal TechnologyEBKhetarpaul, Neelam, Rs 10995.002021
9788170359609Bakery Science and Cereal TechnologyHBKhetarpaul, Neelam, Rs 0.002020
9788170357636Bakery Science and Cereal TechnologyPBKhetarpaul, Neelam, Rs 395.002018
9789386071552Cashew: Improvement, Production and ProcessingHBSaroj, P LRs 0.002017
9789351248255Cashew: Improvement, Production and ProcessingHBSaroj, P LRs 4995.002017
9789351307716Dairy Product Technology: Recent AdvancesEBHati, Subrota & MandRs 13995.002021
9788170359937Delicious Seafood RecipesHBDholakia, Anshuman DRs 0.002018
9789383129362Delicious Seafood RecipesEBDr Anshuman D DholakRs 7495.002021