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ISBNBook Name AuthorPriceYear
9788170351504Aquaculture Project FormulationHBInsull, David & NashRs 340.001995
9788170351498Aquaculture Systems and Practices: A Selected ReviewHBBaluyut, Elvira ARs 295.001995
9788170353904Aquatic Animal Quarantine and Health Certification in AsiaHBHumphrey, John & FAORs 350.002005
9788170354024Bycatch Management and the Economics of DiscardingHBPascoe, SRs 600.002005
9788170354048DNA Based Molecular Diagnostic TechniquesHBWalker, Peter & RohaRs 450.002005
9788170351658Farm Made AquafeedsHBImre Csavas, Albert Rs 2995.002016
9788170354963Fish Stock Assessment ManualHBCadima, Emygdio LRs 1295.002016
9788170352501Fisheries Bioeconomics: Theory Modeling and ManagementHBDefeo, D,J C Seijo &Rs 895.002016
9788170354680Garm Pradesho Mein Sajaavati Paudhon Ka PrasaarHBFAORs 350.002007
9788170351856Guidelines for the Promotion of Environmental Management of Coastal Aquaculture DevelpomentHBBarg, U CRs 440.001997
9788170353898Health Management in Asian AquacultureHBSubasinghe, Rohana PRs 350.002005
9788170352525Inland Fishery EnhancementsHBPetr, TomiRs 1800.002001
9788170354062Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture: A PrimerHBFAORs 1195.002016
9788170354031Interactions Between Fish and Aquatic Macrophytes in Inlandwaters: A ReviewHBPetr, TRs 800.002005
9788170354970Marine BiotoxinsHBFAORs 1995.002016