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9788170354284Advanced EcologyHBKumar, Arvind & LalaRs 1250.002006
9789383048878Advanced EcologyEBLalan Kumar Singh, ARs 8850.002013
9788170354437Biodiversity in Indian ScenariosHBRamakrishanan, NRs 1995.002018
9789351249276Biodiversity: Monitoring Management and UtilizationHBSingh, SurendraRs 2495.002018
9789351300076Biological Diversity and its ConservationEBDushyant K Sharma, RRs 4650.002013
9789383129393Ecological Studies: New HorizonsEBArvind KumarRs 8485.002013
9789383048830Ecology of PlanktonEBArvind KumarRs 10390.002013
9789383048175Environmental Issues and OptionsEBC S K Mishra, JW KimRs 14170.002013
9788170354314Environmental Issues and OptionsHBMishra, C S K, J W KRs 2495.002006
9789351247371Fish Pharmacology and Toxicology: Research ReviewsHBPandey, GovindRs 1495.002017
9788170358251Glimpses of Animal BiodiversityHBMuthuchelian, KRs 1100.002013
9789351301417Inland Water Ecology of IndiaEBShashikanth H MajagiRs 7895.002013
9789383048267Insect Pest Management: Ecological ConceptsEBJyoti M Oulkar, T V Rs 6805.002013
9788170358794Mosquito Diversity and ControlEBMahendra Jagtap, T VRs 8090.002013
9788170352723Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction Vol. 01HBGupta, V K et alRs 995.002002