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9789351246718Advances in Aquatic Ecology Vol. 9HBVasanthkumar, B & V Rs 1995.002015
9788170352556Advances in LimnologyHBMishra, Smriti RatnaRs 1895.002016
9789351307563Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 5EBGupta Vijay Kumar,Rs 12460.002016
9788170358503Aquatic Biodiversity in India : The Present ScenarioEBD R Khanna, AK PrasaRs 10585.002013
9788170356219Aquatic Ecosystem and its ManagementHBVasanthkumar, B & K Rs 2995.002018
9788170353126Aquatic Environment and ToxicologyHBKumar, Arvind edRs 1995.002008
9788170358510Aquatic Environment and ToxicologyEBArvind ed KumarRs 12405.002013
9788170359043Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable ManagementEBDr K MuthuchelianRs 8875.002013
9788170358244Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable ManagementHBMuthuchelian, KRs 1350.002013
9788170357896Biodiversity of Aquatic ResourcesHBRawat, Mamta & SumitRs 1400.002012
9789383129560Biodiversity Reserve: A Goldmine for AquacultureEBDr Parimal RayRs 11535.002013
9788170355571Coastal Ecosystems: Hazards Management and Rehabilitation/NAM S&T CentreHBDatta, Ratan KRs 2400.002008
9789351242598Current Researches in Environmental SciencesHBSharma, Dushyant KumRs 1200.002014
9789351301325Current Researches in Environmental SciencesEBDushyant K SharmaRs 6860.002014
9789383129386Ecobiology of Aquatic InsectsEBHarbhajan Kaur, ArviRs 7225.002013