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9788170353515Algal Flora of Chilika LakeHBRath, Jnanendra & SiRs 995.002005
9789351240044Bio-hydrogen Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentEBDeepak Vyas, Rajan KRs 8510.002017
9788170356714Biosphere: Forms and FunctionsHBPrasad, Prem KumarRs 1395.002018
9788170353843Ecological Studies: New HorizonsHBKumar, ArvindRs 1500.002005
9789386615718Ecology of Similipal Biosphere ReserveEBAnup Kumar Nayak, HeRs 5430.002018
9789351307877Fundamentals of LimnologyEBJayshree Datta MunshRs 4565.002016
9789386949196Phytoremediation: A Strategy to Clean up EnvironmentEBHC LakshmanRs 2772.002018
9789351246824Phytoremediation: A Strategy to Clean up EnvironmentHBLakshman, H CRs 595.002016
9789351247791Practical Manual for Analysis of Soil, Water, Fertilizer and ManureHBSofi, Javid Ahmad etRs 995.002016