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9789383129669Environment and InstrumentationEBM M Prakash, Arvind Rs 15120.002013
9788170356097Environment and InstrumentationHBKumar, Arvind & PrakRs 2200.002009
9788170356448Environmental EngineeringHBKumar, Arvind & ShisRs 2200.002010
9788170359050Environmental Science and Engineering: Selected TopicsEBBN Rai, DR Saini, S Rs 17750.002013
9789351301790Lightning Phenomenon: Need for Awareness Detection and Protection from Damage Caused by LightningEBChandima Gomes, RaviRs 5265.002013
9789351300502Technological Applications in Wastewater EngineeringEBAshutosh Gautam, LudRs 9490.002013
9789383048656Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Environment in 2 VolsEBLidia Szpyrkowicz, SRs 24080.002013
9789351300465Water Quality Management for Coastal AquacultureEBSukumar BandyopadhyaRs 10470.002013