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9789351243366Advances in Environmental Sciences and EngineeringHBDas, Aditya Kishore Rs 3495.002015
9789351307723Design Construction and Uses of Trawal Fishing GearEBK P BiswasRs 7800.002016
9789351246398Design Construction and Uses of Trawal Fishing GearHBBiswas, K PRs 1495.002015
9789351249726Energy Models in Emerging EconomiesHBKottayil, Sasi KRs 1695.002018
9789389605716Energy Models in Emerging EconomiesEBKottayil, Sasi KRs 8475.002020
9789383129669Environment and InstrumentationEBM M Prakash, Arvind Rs 16640.002013
9788170356097Environment and InstrumentationHBKumar, Arvind & PrakRs 2200.002009
9789383129430Environmental EngineeringEBShishir Kumar MishraRs 15500.002013
9788170356448Environmental EngineeringHBKumar, Arvind & ShisRs 2200.002010
9788170358114Environmental Science and Engineering: Selected TopicsHBKaul, S N et alRs 2900.002013
9788170359050Environmental Science and Engineering: Selected TopicsEBBN Rai, DR Saini, S Rs 19530.002013
9789351247579Fittings & Fixtures (PB)PBVinay, Deepa & DivyaRs 195.002016
9789351247562Fittings and FixturesHBVinay, Deepa & DivyaRs 1095.002016
9788170357612Iron Ore Deposits and Banded Iron Formations in IndiaHBRoonwal, G SRs 800.002012
9789351301790Lightning Phenomenon: Need for Awareness Detection and Protection from Damage Caused by LightningEBChandima Gomes, RaviRs 5800.002013