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9789386615343Agricultural Revolution in Developing Economy in 2 Vols.EBP C BansilRs 35225.002018
9789383129300Animal Feeding and Production in indiaEBVir Singh, Kumar AshRs 5570.002013
9788170357407Animal Feeding and Production in IndiaHBSingh, Vir, Ashoka KRs 995.002016
9789351307587Animal Genetics and BreedingEBArun Tomar et alRs 13410.002016
9789383129140Dairy Farming in Mountain AreasEBVir Singh, Babita BoRs 5880.002013
9788170354376Dairy Farming in Mountain AreasHBSingh, Vir & Babita Rs 995.002006
9789351307716Dairy Product Technology: Recent AdvancesEBHati, Subrota & MandRs 11535.002016
9789351243687Dairy Product Technology: Recent AdvancesHBHati, Subrota, SurjiRs 2295.002015
9789351246282Encyclopaedia of Agricultural Acts, Schemes and Policies in 10 VolsHBSingh, VijendraRs 29995.002015
9788170352105Feeding Dairy Cows in the TropicsHBSpeedy, Andrew & RenRs 1795.002016
9788170354222Food Science and TechnologyHBKhatkar, Bhupendra SRs 2495.002016
9789383048465Food Science and TechnologyEBBhupendra Singh KhatRs 15790.002013
9789351307884Genetics of Livestock PopulationEBArun Kumar Tomar, SuRs 16240.002016
9789351246121Genetics of Livestock PopulationHBTomar, Arun Kumar & Rs 3295.002015
9789351247760Genetics of Livestock Population (PB)PBTomar, Arun Kumar & Rs 595.002016