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9789351246725Agricultural Extension Explorer (PB)PBGhenekar, Ashutosh eRs 225.002018
9789351243069Agriculture at a Glance (Hindi) PBPBSharma, R K & B B SiRs 400.002017
9789351248767Instant Agriculture Success (PB)PBSingh, Atul KumarRs 345.002018
9789351248866Intellectual Property Rights: Objective AnalysisHBSingh, Phundan & RajRs 1295.002018
9789388027397Intellectual Property Rights: Objective AnalysisEBSingh, Phundan & RajRs 5660.002018
9789351248859Intellectual Property Rights: Objective Analysis (PB)PBSingh, Phundan & RajRs 250.002018
9789351307983Key Notes on Agriculture BotanyEBJV Patil, U D ChavanRs 7365.002016
9789351246497Key Notes on Agriculture Chemistry and Soil Science (PB)PBPatil, J V & U D ChaRs 235.002018
9789351246985Key Notes on Genetics and Plant Breeding (PB)PBReddy, Venkata R PraRs 425.002018
9789351249917Objective Agriculture 3rd Revised and Enlarged edn (PB)PBChavan, U D et alRs 495.002019
9789351249894Objective Soil Science for SAUs and ICAR-AIEEA PG Entrance, JRF, SRF, ARS, ICAR-NET Ph.D, Civil Services and other Competitive Examination (PB)PBKadlag, Ashok D & B Rs 395.002019
9789351246770Question Bank of Microbiology (PB)PBKumar, Adesh & SushiRs 395.002016