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9789383048878Advanced EcologyEBLalan Kumar Singh, ARs 8850.002013
9788170355304Advances in Natural Products: Importance in Health and Economy/NAM S & T CentreHBAhmed, Zaheer & AhsaRs 1295.002008
9789383129089Algal Flora of Chilika LakeEBJnanendra Rath, SibaRs 6215.002013
9788170352860Algal Flora of Sundarbans MangalHBSen, Neera & KumudraRs 1500.002003
9788170356219Aquatic Ecosystem and its ManagementHBVasanthkumar, B & K Rs 2995.002018
9788170358602Bio-hydrogen Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentHBVyas, Deepak & RajanRs 1795.002016
9789351247135Biodiversity in India Vol. 8HBPullaiah, T & S SandRs 2295.002016
9789351300076Biological Diversity and its ConservationEBDushyant K Sharma, RRs 4650.002013
9789383129119Biosphere: Forms and FunctionsEBPrem Kumar PrasadRs 6075.002013
9789351301325Current Researches in Environmental SciencesEBDushyant K SharmaRs 6860.002014
9789383129393Ecological Studies: New HorizonsEBArvind KumarRs 8485.002013
9789383048830Ecology of PlanktonEBArvind KumarRs 10390.002013
9789351247364Environmental Biotechnology: A New ApproachHBGupta, Rajan Kumar &Rs 2295.002016
9789383129423Environmental StudiesEBRajesh DhankharRs 7140.002013
9788170354338Environmental Studies (PB)PBDhankhar, RajeshRs 195.002018