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9788170351153Biology of Rice-Fields Blue-Green AlgaeHBSantra, S CRs 1795.002018
9789351243274Broad Leaved WeedsHBPradhan, AdhikantRs 1495.002015
9788170356066Emerging Trends in Biological SciencesHBPullaiah, TRs 1595.002018
9788170356677Forages and Fodder: Indian PerspectiveHBSingh, Anil Kumar etRs 2495.002013
9788170354352Glimpses of CyanobacteriaHBKumar, Mukesh, RajanRs 2495.002018
9789351241270Mushroom: A Nutritive Food & its CultivationEBNisha Patil, SG BorkRs 6550.002017
9789386949066Mycorrhizal FungiEBAshok Aggarwal & KulRs 11368.002018
9789386949134Olive: Improvement, Production and ProcessingEBD B Singh, M K VermaRs 6552.002018
9788170352891Plant Biodiversity and TaxonomyHBSingh, M P, B S SingRs 625.002002
9789351248170Plant Pathology at a Glance (PB)PBSingh, R PRs 380.002018
9789351247104Plants Secondary Metabolites and PigmentsHBChavan, U DRs 3495.002016
9789386949233Plants Secondary Metabolites and PigmentsEBU. D. ChavanRs 15568.002018
9789351246787Recent Advances in Crop Physiology Vol. 2HBSingh, Amrit LalRs 2495.002016
9789351241669Recent Advances in Plant Stress PhysiologyEBSunil Kumar, PradumaRs 15710.002017
9788170359074Recent Trends in Microbiology Mycology and Plant PathologyHBLakshman, H CRs 2195.002015