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9789351248576Basics of Plant BreedingHBKhan, HasanRs 1895.002018
9789351248118Economic Problems of Indian Agriculture (PB)PBBansil, P CRs 695.002018
9789388027236Glimpses of Cotton Breeding: Problems and AchievementsEBSingh, Phundan & SanRs 4870.002018
9789351248996Glimpses of Cotton Breeding: Problems and AchievementsHBSingh, Phundan & SanRs 1195.002018
9789351248842Intellectual Property Rights At a Glance (PB)PBSingh, Phundan & RajRs 195.002018
9789351240563Introduction to Intellectual Property RightsEBPhundan SinghRs 5210.002017
9789351246879Plant Breeding Related Legislation (PB)PBSingh, PhundanRs 160.002016
9789351248262Plant Pathology: Fundamentals and Applications (PB)PBSrinivasulu, B, M RaRs 245.002017
9789351247807Practical Manual for Analysis of Soil, Water, Fertilizer and Manure (PB)PBSofi, Javid Ahmad etRs 245.002016
9789351249771Principles of Crop Improvement (PB)PBSingh, PhundanRs 295.002018
9789351243205Research Methodology for Agricultural EconomicsHBKumar, K Nirmal RaviRs 2495.002015
9789351247524Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and AgrochemicalsHBJaga, Praveen Kumar Rs 1795.002016
9789383129096Textbook of AquaricultureEBB Ahilan, N Felix, RRs 4675.002013
9789351246244Textbook of Plant PhysiologyHBPandey, Narendra ShaRs 1495.002016
9789351241874Textbook of Plant PhysiologyEBNarendra Shankar PanRs 7055.002017