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9788170355069Communication in Extension: A Teaching and Learning GuideHBCarrey, Harry A & HeRs 995.002016
9788170353973Control of Water Pollution from AgricultureHBOngley, Edwin DRs 795.002016
9788170352471Developing Participatory and Integrated Watershed ManagementHBWarren, PatrizioRs 495.002001
9788170355120Farming Systems Development and Soil ConservationHBNorman, David & MalcRs 1295.002016
9788170354086Improving Agricultural Extension: A Reference ManualHBBurton E Swanson, AnRs 1695.002016
9788170354062Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture: A PrimerHBFAORs 1195.002016
9788170354109Modern Water Control and Management Practices in Irrigation: Impact on PerformanceHBBurt, Charles M & SRs 1695.002016
9788170355106Prevention of Postharvest Food Losses: Fruits Vegetables and Root CropsHBFAORs 1195.002016
9788170351962Quality Declared SeedHBFAORs 580.001997
9788170353980Silk Reeling and Testing ManualHBLee, Yong WooRs 995.002016
9788170355045Soil Management: Compost Production and Use in Tropical and Subtropical EnvironmentsHBDalzell, H W et alRs 1395.002016
9788170353911Soil Solarization and Integrated Management of Soilborne PestsHBElmore, Ciyde L,JameRs 4495.002016
9788170352464Training for Agriculture and Rural Development 1997-98HBFAORs 395.002001
9788170352143Tropical Animal Feeding: A Manual for Research WorkersHBPreston, T RRs 595.001998
9788170354710Vanaspati Ke Ankurit Paudhon Ka Utpaadan ManualHBDoolan, David W & FARs 320.002007