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9789386615374Agrometeorological Approach to Sustainable AgricultureEBRS Mishra, Raj BahadRs 3250.002018
9788170355625Biodiversity in Horticultural Crops Vol. 2HBPeter, K VRs 1500.002008
9789383129560Biodiversity Reserve: A Goldmine for AquacultureEBDr Parimal RayRs 11535.002013
9788170359128Cyanobacteria Nature, Potentials and ApplicationsHBTiwari , ArchanaRs 995.002014
9788170354147Drought Prediction Under Different Agro Climatic ZonesHBJat, Mohan LalRs 1695.002007
9789383129164Drought Prediction Under Different Agro Climatic ZonesEBMohan Lal JatRs 10470.002013
9788170359173Fasal Surksha ShabdawaliHBBrajendra & SatendraRs 550.002013
9789383048953Green Technologies for Sustainable AgricultureEBPushpalata Dubey, ArRs 9045.002013
9789386615947Impact of Climate Change on Plantation CropsEBP Chowdappa etalRs 7895.002018
9789351248330Impact of Climate Change on Plantation CropsHBChowdappa, P et alRs 1995.002017
9788170356400Insect Pest Management: Ecological ConceptsHBSathe, T V & Jyoti MRs 1195.002010
9789383048267Insect Pest Management: Ecological ConceptsEBJyoti M Oulkar, T V Rs 6805.002013
9789351301424Irrigation and Interlinking of Indian RiversEBThakur Shailendra NaRs 6440.002014
9789351304326Livelihood Sustainability through Agro-biodiversity Conservation- A Socio-Economic StudyEBC Cinthia FernandazRs 6385.002014
9789386949066Mycorrhizal FungiEBAshok Aggarwal & KulRs 11368.002018