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9789351249481Agriculture at a Glance 20th Revised & Enlarged Edition (An Enhanced Competition Explorer) (PB)PBSharma, R KRs 470.002018
9789386615350Agriculture for Competitive Examinations-IFS (Agril)EBBB SinghRs 13000.002018
9789351247944Agriculture for Competitive Examinations-IFS (Agril) (PB)PBSingh, B BRs 445.002018
9789351301288Basics of Agriculture for EngineersEBN Pandey, AK Soni, RRs 3640.002014
9789351242604Basics of Agriculture for Engineers (PB)PBSharma, Rakesh KumarRs 140.002014
9789351248224Crop Pest Management: At a Glance (for Agricultural Competitive Exams) (PB)PBSharma, Rakesh KumarRs 345.002017
9789351249184Fundamentals of Groundwater and Drainage EngineeringHBAggarwal, Rajan, & ARs 1495.002018
9789388027199Fundamentals of Groundwater and Drainage EngineeringEBAggarwal, Rajan, & ARs 6330.002018
9789351248200Guide for Agricultural Competitive Examinations 3rd Revised Edition (PB)PBMaitry R S et alRs 345.002018
9789351301127Guide for Agricultural Competitive Examinations: An Enhanced Competition Explorer for JRF, SRF, NET ARSEBMaitry R S, Pandey NRs 11170.002013
9789351246480Key Notes on Agriculture Botany (PB)PBChavan, U D & J V PaRs 245.002015
9789351307990Key Notes on Agriculture Chemistry and Soil ScienceEBJ V Patil, U D ChavaRs 6775.002016
9789351308003Key Notes on AgronomyEBJV Patil, U D ChavanRs 8765.002016
9789351246503Key Notes on Agronomy (PB)PBPatil, J V, U D ChavRs 295.002018
9789351246527Key Notes on Biochemistry and Biotechnology (PB)PBPatil, J V & U D ChaRs 235.002018