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9788170354123Agricultural BiotechnologyHBKumar, H DRs 2495.002016
9789383129775Agricultural BiotechnologyEBH D KumarRs 11395.002013
9788170352082Agricultural Biotechnology in the Developing WorldHBFAORs 1195.002016
9788170353522Biotechnological Approaches for the Integrated Management of Crop DiseasesHBMayee, C D et alRs 2195.002018
9788170358404Biotechnological Approaches for the Integrated Management of Crop DiseasesEBC D Mayee, Dr JayashRs 9550.002013
9789351307648Biotechnology An OverviewEBDeepak Vyas, Dr RajaRs 12935.002016
9789383129843Crop Modification: Biotech and Non Biotech ApproachesEBHar Darshan KumarRs 10530.002013
9788170353416Crop Modification: Biotech and Non Biotech ApproachesHBKumar, Har DarshanRs 1895.002004
9789351301332Cyanobacteria Nature, Potentials and ApplicationsEBArchana TiwariRs 7110.002014
9789383048816Emerging Trends in Biological SciencesEBT PullaiahRs 7390.002013
9789383048243Glimpses of CyanobacteriaEBDr. Mukesh Kumar, DrRs 10275.002013
9788193476932Key Notes on Genetics and Plant BreedingEBVenkata R Prakash ReRs 13720.002018
9789351308133Microbial Biodiversity in Sustainable AgricultureEBRam ChandraRs 13105.002016
9789383048380Molecular Biology of Plant PathogensEBL V Gangawane, V C KRs 10810.002013
9788170356387Molecular Biology of Plant PathogensHBGangawane, L V & V CRs 1500.002010