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9789351308751Adoption of Farm Mechanization in a Developing EconomyHBBhatia, Bhim SenRs 0.002016
9789351248644Adult Continuing and Extension Education at a Glance (PB)PBChandra, N Hema SaraRs 270.002018
9788170353621Advances in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Vol 1HBChakraborty, ChiranjRs 1795.002016
9789351247586Advances in Rice Cultivation: A Complete Guide on RiceHBKarthikeyan, C & K ARs 1995.002017
9789386071248Advances in Rice Cultivation: A Complete Guide on RiceHBKarthikeyan, C & K ARs 0.002017
9789386615336Advances in Rice Cultivation: A Complete Guide on RiceEBC Karthikeyan, KA PoRs 9995.002018
9788170350736Agrarian Relations and Peasant in Modern Andhra: A Study of Kalahasti ZamindariHBReddy, D SubramanyamRs 795.001990
9788170354772Agricultural AcarologyHBChhillar, B S, RachnRs 1895.002020
9789389605037Agricultural AcarologyHBChhillar, B S, RachnRs 0.002020
9789383129072Agricultural AcarologyEBB S Chhillar, PradumRs 11995.002021
9789351309802Agricultural BiotechnologyHBKumar, H DRs 0.002020
9788170354123Agricultural BiotechnologyHBKumar, H DRs 2495.002020
9789383129775Agricultural BiotechnologyEBH D KumarRs 13995.002021
9788170352082Agricultural Biotechnology in the Developing WorldHBFAORs 1195.002016
9789351246725Agricultural Extension Explorer (PB)PBGhenekar, Ashutosh eRs 225.002018