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9789351248057Development of Economic ThoughtHBOlaniyi, Olayiwola ORs 1995.002018
9789388027021Development of Economic ThoughtEBOlaniyi, Olayiwola ORs 8290.002018
9788170350378Dimensions of Rural PovertyHBSarma, P PerrajuRs 1995.002017
9789351248101Economic Problems of Indian AgricultureHBBansil, P CRs 3995.002017
9789351240426Economic Problems of Indian AgricultureEBP C BansilRs 19490.002017
9789351248118Economic Problems of Indian Agriculture (PB)PBBansil, P CRs 695.002018
9789351307808Evaluations for Sustainable Development Experiences and LearningEBAniruddha BrahmacharRs 7055.002016
9789351246114Evaluations for Sustainable Development Experiences and LearningHBBrahmachari, AniruddRs 1995.002015
9789351247814Farm Managerial EconomicsHBKumar, K Nirmal RaviRs 4195.002017
9789351249511HRM in Agri-BusinessHBThumar, V MRs 1395.002018
9789351248064Issues in Economic DevelopmentHBOlaniyi, Olayiwola ORs 2195.002017
9788170350743Regional Rural Banks and Economic DevelopmentHBKalkundrikar, A BRs 695.001990
9788170350385Rural Economy of RajasthanHBGodara, R LRs 495.001988