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Advance Trends in Aquaculture Practices by Balasubramanian, A & T V Ramana

ISBN: 9789359191973
Binding: Hard Bound
Weight: 0 gms
Pages: 224
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2024
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About the Book
The book was prepared by compiling articles contributed by various experts from central fisheries institutes and state fisheries colleges. In this book, articles related to advanced methods being practiced in aquaculture were included. The edited book contains 15 number of Chapters covering, Coastal and Brackish water aquaculture, aquafarming systems in India, ornamental fish breeding, all male red tilapia production, culture and seed production of mud crab, shrimp, seabass, shrimps, polychaetes, groupers, pompano, micro algal production, cage culture, RAS, Bio-floc technology, Aquaponics and feed production. All these techniques are emphasizing advance cultures techniques in various aquatic animals. Each and every article is narrating elaborately about techniques involved in production of various fish and shellfishes. The chapters are written in simple language and easy to understand by the readers. The book will serve as a handbook not only for the fisheries and allied sciences students for their curriculum and competitive examinations but also for the aqua farmers who wish to venture into advanced aquaculture practices.