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Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction Vol.10 by Dr Anil K Verma Dr G D Singh Vijay Kumar Gupta

ISBN: 9789351308225
Binding: E-Book
Biblio: xiii+423p., col.figs., tabls., ind., 25cm
Weight: 0 gms
Pages: 436
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2021
Price : Rs 13995.00
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About the Book
The present volume of the series, “Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction Vol. 10” with 23 chapters has been compiled, and the important contributions include:
• Bacterial Biofilms: Impact on Aquatic Ecosystems
• Effects of Edaphic Factors on Population Dynamics of Soil and Plant Parasitic Nematodes
• Arthropod Natural Enemy- Pesticide Interaction
• Synergistic Effect of NPV, Azadirachtin and Titanium Dioxide (Nanoparticale) on the Larvicidal and Pupicidal Effect of Helicoverpa armigera
• Breeding, Larval Biology and Seed Production of Indian River Prawn, Macrobrachium malcolmsonii
• Feeding Acceptability of Non-Crop Plants by the Invasive Giant African Snail, Achatina fulica
• Sublethal Waterborne Nickel Toxicty in an Indian Major Carp Cirrhinus mrigala
• An Overview on the Caspian White Fish: Biology, Ecology and Reproduction
• Herb-Feed Supplements for Health and Disease of Fish
• Effect of Starvation and Refeeding on Certain Biochemical and Haematological Parameters of the Climbing Perch, Anabas testudineus
• Metallothioneins of Fishes as a Biomarker of Heavy Metal Pollution
• Forest Game and Habitat Disturbances in Southwest Ghana
• Bushmeat Production, Hunting and Utilisation of Forest Game in Southwest Ghana
• The Effects of Vitamin E on Genistein-Induced Oxidative Damage on TM3 Leydig Cells
• Testicular Development of Male Offsprings Exposed to Acrylamide and Ascorbic Acid During Gestation and Lactation
• Mating Behavior of Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena) in Captivity
• Trypterygium wilfordii : A possible Male Birth Control Pill? An Assessment
study in Langur Monkey
The book like previous volumes shall prove very valuable and an important research compendium that shall stimulate interest and satisfy the need of the researchers in the field of animal ecology, reproduction and allied disciplines.