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Wildlife Management: Concept, Analysis and Conservation by Saxena, Amita

ISBN: 9789351247920
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: x+266 p., 25 cm
Weight: 660 gms
Pages: 276
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2022
Price : Rs 2195.00
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About the Book
This books is an unique compilation of 21 chapters, which have been contributed by leading experts who have made significant contributors to wildlife management. This book highlighted the wildlife and its conservations, which include snake and snakebites, Indian Shad, Indian Rhinoceros, Himalayan Musk Deer, Sea Turtles, Lizard, Blood Squirting Lizard, Gyps Vultures, Wild Tigers, One-horned Indian Rhinoceros, Pangolin, Indian, Bustard, Endangered Bird Conservation, Bioremediation, The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and Wildlife Conservation and its Management. This book is valuable to students and teachers of zoology, fisheries, wildlife, professional to wildlife management, forest park rangers, animal lovers and general public to know about important wild animals.