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Practical Manual for Analysis of Soil Water Fertilizer and Manure by Sofi, Javid Ahmad et al

ISBN: 9789351247791
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: xii+170 p., fig., tabls., 25 cm
Weight: 440 gms
Pages: 182
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2020
Price : Rs 995.00
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About the Book
The manual provides guidance for carrying out soil, water, fertilizer and manure tests for the students, scientists and technical staff working on this aspect. Aspects relating to soil testing, fertilizer adulteration and water analysis have been adequately covered and several practical’s have been demonstrated. All state Govt. agencies engaged with soil, water, manure and fertilizer industry will find this manual useful in implementing the soil, water, manure, fertilizer testing programme and framing fertilizer use recommendations. In addition to soil, fertilizer, and water analysis, soil enzymes are also covered adequately. This manual would contribute towards soil testing based fertilizer usage which will help in increasing the fertilizer use efficiencies and farmers incomes. This manual will help in preparing soil fertility maps and issuing soil health cards to farmers. Use of soil, plant and fertilizer test kits and mobile diagnostic laboratories will be also benefitted with this manual. Implementation of various suggestions given in the manual would also help in improving the quality of the work being done by the soil testing laboratories.