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Production and Processing of Litchi Longan and Rambutan by Kumar, Rajesh & Dutt, Som

ISBN: 9789351246992
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: x+349p.,figs.,col.plts.,tabls 25 cm
Weight: 820 gms
Pages: 359
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2016
Price : Rs 2795.00
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About the Book
The present book entitled “Production and Processing of Litchi, Longan and Rambutan” is an accessible and up to date informative book, covering all essential aspects of important commercial crops of Sapindaceae family, i.e. Litchi, Longan and Rambutan. The important management practices and utilization at pre- and postharvest levels have been discussed in detail, keeping in mind, the need for commercial exploitation of these crops. The current trends and requirements have also been brought within purview in addition to critical perspectives that foster a better understanding of its R&D issues. We hope that this book will be of greater use for the farmers, horticultural entrepreneurs, retailers, wholesalers, exporters, students, teachers and researchers.