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Manual on Pregnancy Labour and Puerperium (PB) by Bashir, Rafiqa

ISBN: 9788170355243
Binding: Paper Back
Biblio: xii+111p.,figs.,tabls.,bib.,ind., 23 cm
Weight: 130 gms
Pages: 123
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2019
Price : Rs 145.00
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About the Book
The book Manual on Pregnancy, Labour and Puerperium is unique in its appeal to a wide range of health care Professional including nurses, nursing students, midwives, and multipurpose health workers. The book covers theoretical and practical topics on the subject which a nursing professional may be familiar with. The book has been written easy language with a comprehensive index to key terms for easy access to information. The main features of the book are:
• Antenatal Care
• Intranatal Care
• Postnatal Care
• Home births
• Exercises
• Learning out come related to topics
This manual will prove useful to all the students, staff and nursing teachers in the field and will find a place in all nursing libraries.