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Animal Byproducts Utilisation through Semi-Moist Rendering by Kumar, Mahendra

ISBN: 9788170355144
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: xxviii+136p., ind., bib., 23 cm
Weight: 365 gms
Pages: 164
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2007
Price : Rs 695.00
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About the Book
As the title of the book implies, it deals with “Rendering” of animal tissues through an entirely new technology “Semi-moist Rendering” being the only one of its kind. In its present form, it is most suited for small throughputs of raw material and an ideal choice for developing countries. White this is so, it is possbile to scale-up the technology for processing large quantities of raw materials as well; a complete chapter is devoted on this aspect. The book covers any conceivable aspect of rendering under its 17 chapters supported with 29 relevant references. The technology is low coast, zero waste, economically viable, environmentally clean and eco-friendly. There are only two main equipments needed which are simple in design and operation and can invariably be fabricated locally without dependence on importation. A variety of raw materials and products like hide, skin, hair, bone, tallow, meat meal, bone meal etc., are produced from the processing of animal byproducts which, unfortunately, are either wasted or not optimally utilized in most of the developing countries. The Semi-moist Rendering Technology provides an excellent opportunity to the developing worls to “mimic” the gains which the developed world enjoys through the processing of animal by products. The book is a must read for all those connected with agricultural economy and environment and will be of immense interest to professionals connected with disciplines like soil fertility, composting, vermiculture, farm produce, livestock, animal health, meat production, animal feed, pet food, poultry, fishery, piggery, hides, skins, leather making, veterinary sciences, biogas production, sanitation, policy makers, health and environment.