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Developing Human Resource Information System by Gupta, Ashok Kumar

ISBN: 9788170353188
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: xii+95p., 17 tabls., bib., 23 cm
Weight: 284 gms
Pages: 107
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2018
Price : Rs 995.00
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Personal records have always been necessary for good personnel administration. As business continue to grow and the administration of personnel becomes more sophisticated and professional. The volume of paper records increase in proportion, with the new technologies creating new and vastly different records. The focus of attention is on non-statutory record system. The nature of the research is defined as conclusive as research findings are expected to result in specific decisions being made or specific actions being taken. The research is intended to provide information for planning activity. The case method of study has been adopted as Research Methodology to understand the business situation. The method involves intensive study of a relatively small number of situations. The emphasis is on obtaining a complete description and understanding of the relationships of factors in each instance, regardless of the numbers involved. This method is applicable to both secondary and descriptive studies. This method is of particular value when one is seeking help on a problem in which the relationships of a number of factors are involved, and in which it is difficult to understand the individual factors without considering their relationships.