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Orchids of India: Commercialization and Conservation by Sharma, Jauti

ISBN: 9788170351535
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: vi+156p., col & B and W pls., figs., tabs., bib.,
Weight: 444 gms
Pages: 156
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2021
Price : Rs 1295.00
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About the Book
India is not only rich in number of orchid taxa which grow profusely in nature, but most species are at top of the ornamental orchids. This natural wealth is yet to be utilized and managed. Unless scientific conservation measures are taken along with proper utilization, it is sure that we will loose most of the valuable orchid wealth that are of medicinal, horticultural and aesthetic values. The orchids are habitat specific and their trade from naturally grown population has been banned by Government of India. The clandestine trade, however is continuing without any check. The desire for new and exotic colours and the demand in Japanese market, future sales of tropical orchids are likely to increase. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea are now running multibillion dollar business in orchids using Tissue Culture technique. However, commercial orchid growing in India is yet to be properly organized. The book is primarily intended to be an useful laboratory tool for those who wish to make carrier either in research in the field of orchid tissue culture or in commercialization of orchids as an Industry. It would also serve as reference book of Post Graduate Students in Botany/Biotechnology.