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Geographic and Oceanographic Research in Indian Waters by Sewell, R B Seymour

ISBN: 9788170351276
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: x+550p., 15 plates(2 folded B&w maps, 2 colour map
Weight: 2084 gms
Pages: 560
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2021
Price : Rs 5000.00
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About the Book
In this book “The Geographic and Oceanographic Research in Indian Waters”, the author has attempted to bring together the results that have been obtained from a study of oceanography which includes not only the hydrographic and meteorological conditions present but also the topography of the sea-floor and the character of its deposits, as well as the formation and structure of the coral reefs and islands, in the area that has been surveyed by the Marine Survey of India and as such termed as Indian waters. The book presents all the knowledge possessed at that time regarding the physical conditions present in India seas. In the Author’s opinion the investigations regarding the conditions present in the waters of the sea have shown conclusively that these are in a continuous state of change. In consequence of all this continual change, isolated observations taken by ‘Challenger’, ‘Valdavia’ etc, give merely a picture of the conditions existing at the actual moment when the observations were made and furnish no guide as to what may be the state of affairs even a few hours later. The effect of these changes on the fauna must be considerable and in consequence the study of the physical conditions that exist in any given area forms an important branch of the study of the bionomics of that area.