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Political Socialization of Student in Metropolitan Calcutta by Chakraborty, Roma

ISBN: 9788170350835
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: vii+161p., 128 tabls., ind., 23 cm
Weight: 310 gms
Pages: 168
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 1990
Price : Rs 495.00
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About the Book
The term ‘political socialization’, a derivative of the concept of political development in sociological spheres, is of recent use though the process involved are not new. This continuous process is transmitted cognitively and affectively all formal and informal socio-political learnings to individuals, from generation to generation since the Vedic ages till today. But the area of investigation of political socialization by the political scientists has started only from mid-twentieth century. The impact of politics is perhaps most important and vital as almost every one in a society ha to accept knowingly or unknowingly various aspects of political dictum. The youths-specially the students who are mostly open minded and cannot escape the consequences of politics are inducted into the arena of politics overtly and covertly through various socializing agencies. The author has analysed the political socialization of the students (16-25 years) in Metropolitan Calcutta. To explore their political attitudes data are collected through questionnaire and interviews with the students belonging to different educational institutions. The author has studies the psychological worlds of the male and female students and even for a deeper probe into two statistical techniques....’analysis of variance’ and factor analysis’-are taken and for measuring the continuous variables a likert-type scale is constructed. Data are processed at the Regional Computer Centre, Calcutta.