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9789351305514Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory ManualEBKhuntia, B KRs 10995.002021
9788170359630Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory ManualHBKhuntia, B KRs 0.002011
9788170356820Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory ManualHBKhuntia, B KRs 2495.002021
9788170356837Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory ManualPBKhuntia, B KRs 495.002013
9789386615459Biocatalysts in Biomass to BioproductsEBK Ramasamy, S KarthiRs 9495.002018
9789386615466BIODIGESTER: An Innovative Technology for on-board Disposal of Human Waste in Indian RailwaysEBLokendra Singh, VratRs 4495.002018
9789351309505Biotechnology: Progress and ApplicationsHBHameed, Saif & ZeeshRs 0.002016
9789359195377Food Microbiology 2nd Rev ednHBNeelam Khetarpaul, ARs 3995.002025
9789388027229General Veterinary Microbiology - An IntroductionEBDiwakar, R K & R P DRs 7495.002018
9789351243816Handbook of Milk MicrobiologyHBSrivastava, Manish LRs 0.002020
9789359193069Insights into Industrial MicrobiologyPBLatika Bhatia, PrakaRs 495.002024
9789354619977Insights into Industrial MicrobiologyHBLatika Bhatia, PrakaRs 1995.002024
9789351308027Key Notes on Biochemistry and BiotechnologyEBJ V Patil, U D ChavaRs 8995.002021
9789351308034Key Notes on Entomology, Plant Pathology and MicrobiologyEBJV Patil, U D ChavanRs 12995.002021
9789388027410Mangrove Microorganisms: Biodiversity and BiotechnologyEBThatoi, Hrudayanath,Rs 6495.002018