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Automation and Robotics for Farmers by Sudhakar, B.

ISBN: 9789354614378
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: viii+206p.
Weight: 500 gms
Pages: 214
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2023
Price : Rs 1795.00
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About the Book
This textbook have given detailed information on Automation and Robotics for farmers. It contains 29 Chapters viz. Introduction, Definition of Automation, Definition of Farm Automation, Robotics Definition, Types of Automation, Concepts and Components of Robots, Types of Robots, Some of the Main Applications of Robots for Farming, Robotic Applications in Agricultural Operations, Top 10 Robotic Applications for the Farmers, IoT in Agricultural Automation, Automation and Wireless System Networks in Agriculture, Technologies Used in Automation for Farmers, Private Companies Technologies in Automation and Robotics for Agriculture, Top 30 Interesting Farm Automation Technologies and their Companies, Robots in Farming Operations, Sensors and Automation: The Future of Farming in India, Success Stories of Startup in India on Agriculture , Automation and Robotics, Indian Agritech Startups to Watch Out for in 2018 on Automation and Robotics, Robots Revolutionizing the Agricultural Landscape, The Agricultural Robotics Marketing in the World, Enabling Technologies for Future Robotic Agriculture Systems, Human-Robot Interaction, Learning and Adaptation of Robots in Agriculture, Benefits of Automation and Robotics in Agriculture, Advantages of Agricultural Robots, Agricultural Robots Disadvantages, Challenges of Farm Automation and Robotics, Future Scope for Automation, Robotics and Wireless, System Networks in Agriculture. This textbook will be useful to the researchers, scientists, policy makers, students researcher, extension functionaries, both central and state government research stations and research centers of agricultural and allied subjects, universities and colleges, NGO's, private agencies and farmers (who is the target group for development and dissemination of technologies).