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Nutritional and Therapeutic Values of Fruits and Vegetables by Bhat, K L

ISBN: 9789354613777
Binding: Hard Bound
Weight: 990 gms
Pages: 560
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2023
Price : Rs 4495.00
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About the Book
This book is intended to serve a nutritional dictionary, a quick reference book for dieticians and layman as well as for professionals. Its purpose is to provide basic information on nutritional status of various fruits and vegetables available round the year. Therefore, an attempt has been made in this book, to give as much information as is possible. I hope that this book will serve to increase public awareness of the exciting connection between nutrition, well being and longevity. The information provided in this book will prove panacea for those who are health conscious as it will give requisite knowledge of the commonly available fruits and vegetable during different seasons of the year. This book is an essential resource for researchers and students in food science, nutrition , community science, fruit and vegetable production.