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Geoinformation Photogrammetry Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in 3 Vols by Prasad, N.V.

ISBN: 9789351246183
Binding: Hard Bound
Biblio: xiv+933p., figs., tabls., bib., ind., 25cm
Weight: 616 gms
Pages: 933
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2023
Price : Rs 6995.00
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About the Book
Global mapping has recently undergone a transition from discipline oriented technologies, such as geodesy, surveying, photogrammetry and cartography into a methodology oriented integrated discipline of “Geoinformation” based on GPS, remote sensing, digital photography for data acquisition and GIS for data manipulation and data output. Interest in Geoinformation has tremendously grown in recent years in many different ways. This book attempts to present the required basic background for Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GIS and GPS in the new Geoinformation concept in which the different methodologies must be combined. The fundamentals of these are described in detail, with an emphasis on global, regional and local applications. This book also provides a comprehensive look at the challenges and discoveries made in this emerging field. This book is designed to meet the needs of a professional audience composed of both practitioners and researchers. The concepts and applications of Geoinformation presented in this book will be of benefit to decision makers across a wide range of fields including those working in environmental management, urban planning, tourism industry, in the emergency services, public health and epidemiology, crime mapping, market analysis and
e-commerce, or mineral exploration, among many others. This book is also suitable as a reference text for post-graduate/graduate-level teachers and students in Geology, Geoengineering, Forestry, Environmental Science, Geography, Remote Sensing and all engineering fields. This book is the companion for everyone who desires a rich understanding of how Geoinformation is used in the real world.