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Fish and Fisheries 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edn (PB) by Yadav, B. N.

ISBN: 9788170352785
Binding: Paper Back
Biblio: vi+366p., 117 figs., ind., 25 cm
Weight: 450 gms
Pages: 372
Imprint: Daya Publishing House
Year: 2023
Price : Rs 495.00
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About the Book
The book “Fish and Fisheries” comprises thirty four chapters which include both Ichthyology and Fisheries. This book written in a lucid style and having very high standard of presentation. Selected topics from fish anatomy, fish physiology, identification of fishes and fisheries have been incorporated in this book which are extremely useful for the Hons. and Postgraduate students of Indian Universities reading fishery science. Balanced description, well labelled beautiful illustration and mention of pioneer contributions are some of the special features of this book. While compiling the manuscript of this book all important books and journals concerned have been consulted so far. Some fresh water fishes of India have been described with latest classification, diagnostic features, distribution and fin formula in the book. The book has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. Some new chapters like “Food Feeding Habits and Alimentary Canal”, “Skeleton”, “Common Biota of Fish Ponds of India”, “Fish and Pesticides” and “Fisheries Institutions in India” have been added. Some old sketches have been replaced and also some new have been added. This will be quite useful for the students particularly for their practical classes. Matters described in this book are comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. All efforts have been made to make the book of prime utility for the students.